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TEAMSKEET – Someone to Cum Inside Me

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Blaire is just desperate for attention, but her husband Nade isn’t up for the task. The guy’s totally apathetic to her needs and can’t really satisfy her constant demand for sex. Eager to wash his hands from the problem, he asks his stepson Joshua to step in for some extra bucks. The young boy knows such a thing might be completely traumatic, but he really needs the cash and has always felt a warm sensation in his cock whenever Blaire was around. One day, Blaire is lying in bed with a night mask, waiting for her husband to massage her. Joshua comes in and starts rubbing his stepmom’s boobs. Feeling her pussy completely wet, Blaire takes a peek and realizes it’s actually her stepson fondling her, but she decides to say nothing and let him continue. The next day, Blaire comes clean with Joshua about what happened, but rather than stopping, she asks her stepson to feed her with cock. Joshua is equally uncomfortable and aroused, but he decides to go with it and let his stepmom suck him and fuck her next. Now, the horny stepmom won’t stop until her boy fills her up with his creamy load.

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